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When Music Attacks! March

There are a lot of shows to see and love in March. The winter thaw is slowly beginning. Cursive with John Congleton & The Nighty Night, Beach Slang Fri 3/06 @ Black Cat… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! January + February

It’s time for the first “When Music Attacks!” forecast of 2015. There are things happening that everyone should know about. JANUARY Zola Jesus with Deradoorian Th 1/29 @ Black Cat Doors 8pm /… Continue reading

From One Note Taker to Another

Many of us have a finely honed or default mode of note taking and managing life tasks that suit us just fine or even serve as an efficiency-enabling art form. Congratulations to you!… Continue reading

When Songs Beat You To The Punch

When you sit down to write about a topic and the song you’re listening to, which you’ve never heard before, beats you to the punch. I’ve been using you / for years /… Continue reading

Top 5 Things That Are Happening This Week

FIVE. I am trekking over to Market on Main to pick up my specially ordered shoes from Maria McCloy. I already own two pairs, but I need to pick up my new couple and take them home… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Love Songs for Those No Longer Waiting

Today’s song of the day is actually 28 songs. I finally finalized my “Love Songs” playlist on February 13. I’ve been working on this for quite some time and I’m pleased with the end product.… Continue reading

Typing and Feelings – Drunk versus Sober

I just found this Google doc (I’m e-file organizing on a rainy Sunday) which I drunkenly typed on Cinco De Mayo.  I was wastey-face on my porch and waiting to meet friends at the next bar.  I’ve… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Adorable When You Were In Your 20’s

This song of the day – “Get A Job” by Gossip – is dedicated to me. I am 5 months into my personal and professional journey in Johannesburg. The theme of the song… Continue reading

Top 5 DVDs I Should’ve Put on a Wishlist

I watch a lot of TV /movies. I always have. Back in the day when movies were seen in theaters or rented from Blockbuster and TV had to be watched real time or taped… Continue reading

Top 4 Red-Headed Men Of Note

It’s the new year, a time for reflecting on the people and things we love. I love red heads and I’ve been known to love men. So here is my Top 5 Redheaded… Continue reading