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Iceland Magic Carefolo

We said “where are we” as if we didn’t already know. We said “how” like an expletive with no question. We said “seal it in” and we were talking about a smell but… Continue reading

24 Hours in Malawi

Imani guys picked me up in Lilongwe. very nice. main interstate is a one lane road. hilarious. full of tobacco trucks and autos and taxi buses. pedestrians and vendors under tin and straw… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Touring Musicians Seem Great to Me

1) Dreamer with a Work Ethic. Setting up a tour is hard work and staying on the road grueling  A dreamer the pasion and ability to follow through is sexy. 2) Resilient Nomad. They’re… Continue reading

The Obvious: Sharing Everything with Strangers

“The Obvious” is a new series in which I explore phenomena and facts that have just struck me in the face or delivered a boot to the bottom, but which is really just… Continue reading

Learning, Shopping and Listening to Coded Language in Kigali

Writing this on the fly after a very long day, but I feel it is important to achieve some degree of freshness. With that in mind, please be patient with  this stream of… Continue reading

Arriving in Johannesburg

Before you get excited, dear reader, this covers my first 7 hours in Johannesburg and does not contain any description of the country beyond a few helpful people in the airport who work… Continue reading