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Poking around Parkview

On Sunday I drove over to Parkview to sign the lease for the new home where I will living in less than a week! If you want to be really jealous, check out… Continue reading

Vehicular sightseeing: Newtown Drive-By

On Saturday I took a little driving tour of Newtown by way of Braamfontein. First came the sculpture of The Eland, which I nearly missed! Then as I approached the Nelson Mandela Bridge, pleased to have… Continue reading

Birds and Sunsets in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has BIRDS. Birds are a part of my day, every day. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. They wake me up in the morning. They “ha! haha! HA!” all day long. The “haha-bird”… Continue reading

Arriving in Johannesburg

Before you get excited, dear reader, this covers my first 7 hours in Johannesburg and does not contain any description of the country beyond a few helpful people in the airport who work… Continue reading

Out with the Old, In with the… Old

I am currently experiencing unprecedented levels of contentment. I realize this probably has a great deal to do with the fact that soon I will be leaving the United States to go live… Continue reading