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When Music Attacks! September and October 2014

I’m back from Iceland. I had amazing adventures and experienced stunningly beautiful landscapes. Everyone should go. http://instagram.com/p/ruYDyHIYzD/ Regular-ish WiFi access allowed me to keep an eye on show announcements and I am pleased to… Continue reading

Sharon Van Etten Favorited my tweet

Sharon Van Etten favorited my tweet about her new music video for “Our Love.”  I am insanely excited about this. Not quite as much as when I had a tweet conversation with Ben Sollee… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! May, June, July 2014

MAY   **Conor Oberst with Dawes Friday 6/23 @ 9:30 Club / $35 I already have tickets as do friends. Join the fun. If you ever loved Bright Eyes then you still love Conor Oberst… Continue reading

Dark and Stormy: The Type, not the Drink

A friend recently told me that someone I was kind-of-sort-of-maybe interested in was “too serious, too much of a dark storm cloud and not fun” for me. I will submit that there is… Continue reading

In Defense Of Discerning Lips

Thought Catalog published a post a few weeks ago that really got me thinking about kissing. As a regular reader, I know that they often publish opposite positions on the same topic, so… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Quit Draggin’ My Heart Around

Thanks to this NPR All Songs Considered blog post by Stephen Thompson, I learned about the AV Club’s “Undercover” series from 2012 in which bands covered pre-selected songs in a tiny round room.… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Love Songs for Those No Longer Waiting

Today’s song of the day is actually 28 songs. I finally finalized my “Love Songs” playlist on February 13. I’ve been working on this for quite some time and I’m pleased with the end product.… Continue reading

Love Badges

On February 9, 2012 I received a Valentine’s Day inspired email from Dimples. Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants.  Two minutes later, a second… Continue reading

What I’ll Do With Music: If I Like You

Back in April I read a Thought Catalog post that resonated with me, called Here’s What I’ll Do With Music if I’m in Love with You.  It got me thinking about all the playlists… Continue reading

The Art Of Life Planning as Music Discovery

It is well documented that I like going to live music shows. This means I spend time researching who is touring, listening to new bands online, and Googling bands I’ve never heard of if they… Continue reading