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Wanted Words

There is no combination of words that will make my guard come down. There is no assurance or desire you can offer me in exchange for divulgence of my wanting. The only desire… Continue reading

Excerpts from some times in April 2014

Worry of what you might say fills my mind. Run your fingers along my back, scratch my spine, linger at my wrist before you admire the curve of my hip with your wrist,… Continue reading

Trouble and Time

All signs point to smitten. All texts point to unrelenting thoughts of each other. I hadn’t smiled like that in years. And so I’m in trouble. Serious, mind consuming, heart twitterpating trouble. The kind… Continue reading

Some time in March 2014

Connecting on every occasion possible, permitted, allowed. These moments strung together like seed beads, plentiful loose in a dish. Precision to string, precious but few when the end of the line is reached. Connecting… Continue reading

Some time in December 2013

Say it if you want to, if you need to, if you need it. Keep it shut if you don’t, or if you might, I don’t want to hear it. The story you’ve told before… Continue reading

Held Up

I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop on a weekday, feeling stoned, feeling held up by time and place and commitments that hang across my shoulders like a jacket that is too… Continue reading

November 12, 2013

I don’t want to miss you and it’s giving me the sads. I don’t want to miss you now or in the future.

The Girl You Mean It With

In my memory everything vaguely ambiguous you said is rife with hidden feeling. I can shade in your words to match my feelings. When you invited me to your house for a whiskey… Continue reading

I Stopped Talking To You

I stopped talking to you because you loved me. I was wearing a light blue angora sweater, pink chemise showing slightly at the hips, my hair flipped perfectly in the dry winter air… Continue reading

Dark and Stormy: The Type, not the Drink

A friend recently told me that someone I was kind-of-sort-of-maybe interested in was “too serious, too much of a dark storm cloud and not fun” for me. I will submit that there is… Continue reading