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The Obvious: Sharing Everything with Strangers

“The Obvious” is a new series in which I explore phenomena and facts that have just struck me in the face or delivered a boot to the bottom, but which is really just… Continue reading

Beck’s Song Reader: No Sound, All Interpretation

Beck’s new unrecorded album Song Reader makes me wish I were a musician even more than I usually do. The album is all sheet music and no recordings. In his interview with NPR All… Continue reading

Understanding What Is The Same

It is a very clear feeling – the desire to talk – that emanates from one person to another. It is palpable. I am always surprised when I feel it coming across the… Continue reading

Top 5 Musical Musings Friends Shared this fall

I am a lucky lady, having friends who keep me in the know about new songs I should love and new versions of songs I do love. Here are the Top 5 Musical… Continue reading

Things That Happened This Year

Before I left my very lovely life in Washington, DC / Maryland, I sat down for drinks with a few very good friends at Boundary Stone to say farewell and to reflect on our accomplishments… Continue reading