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Sights and Sounds: Johannesburg on Africa Day

Johannesburg is a lovely place to be right now. “Winter” consists of 70 – 80 degree days and 40-50 degree nights and the sun is always out. I have yet to put on… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Touring Musicians Seem Great to Me

1) Dreamer with a Work Ethic. Setting up a tour is hard work and staying on the road grueling  A dreamer the pasion and ability to follow through is sexy. 2) Resilient Nomad. They’re… Continue reading

Top 4 Red-Headed Men Of Note

It’s the new year, a time for reflecting on the people and things we love. I love red heads and I’ve been known to love men. So here is my Top 5 Redheaded… Continue reading

The Art Of: Dourness and Sweetness

I am catching up on NPR All Songs Considered recent shows and currently absorbing “Fall Music Preview.” Many songs are stoking my heart cockles, but I am partial to the Ben Gibbard and… Continue reading

Albums for Ages with Associations

For months now NPR has been running a weekly survey asking people to vote for albums they love. This is all under the auspicious of “Albums Everyone Can Love?”  The question mark says it all.… Continue reading

The Art Of Life Planning as Music Discovery

It is well documented that I like going to live music shows. This means I spend time researching who is touring, listening to new bands online, and Googling bands I’ve never heard of if they… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! Calendar Actioning

I’ve been keeping a music calendar for a two years now. I love going to live music shows. It keeps me invigorated, engaged, content. I am happy to go to shows alone, I… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! in May

Some highlights for the month of May… Monday May 14 – Here We Go Magic – Black Cat Saw them live two years ago with no context and loved them. Wednesday May 9… Continue reading

When Music Attacks in 2012!

Hello Friends near and dear and far and dear! How fare thee on this wonderfully warm day in January? A little bit humid, no? My hair thinks yes. As I sit atop a… Continue reading