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Top 4 Red-Headed Men Of Note

It’s the new year, a time for reflecting on the people and things we love. I love red heads and I’ve been known to love men. So here is my Top 5 Redheaded… Continue reading

Things That Happened This Year

Before I left my very lovely life in Washington, DC / Maryland, I sat down for drinks with a few very good friends at┬áBoundary Stone┬áto say farewell and to reflect on our accomplishments… Continue reading

The Art of Not Dating

I have had limited experience with dating. By that I mean the formal kind of dating where someone asks someone else out, intentionally singling out that person for a to be determined period… Continue reading

Things I’ve Said to Men

I am a fan of a blog called Thought Catalog. Dimples turned me into a reader a few months ago after we’d discussed how much and why Washington, DC has grown on me.… Continue reading