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I Just Met Anthony Kiedis

On Friday February 1, 2013 a dream became reality. I met Anthony Kiedis. Johannesburg. Maboneng Precinct. 7:30pm. The Chalkboard on Fox Street. I was there with Zola to see “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”… Continue reading

Things I want to say about Johannesburg

There are things I want to say about Johannesburg that I have held back. I have held back because I discount my opinion and interpretation in all spheres of my life about all… Continue reading

Things I Want To Eat in Johannesburg

One of the  best values in Johannesburg is the cost of food and drink.  I’ve known this for a while judging by the grocery stores, but it wasn’t until my recent outing with… Continue reading

‘Tis The Season To Buy Shit

Today is my birthday. Naturally, I am thinking about gifts: receiving, giving, making, hording.  Around these parts, holiday markets are popping up all over the place and shops are extending their hours past… Continue reading