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When Change Attacks: Leaving Johannesburg

About three weeks ago my company made the decision to close the company’s international offices. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and though I initially wanted to stay here as long… Continue reading

On Returning Home: Top 5

1) The Same But Better. Seeing my friends who look the same but are happier or have a new take-on and honesty about what they want from life. Appreciating the new restaurants and… Continue reading

Understanding What Is The Same

It is a very clear feeling – the desire to talk – that emanates from one person to another. It is palpable. I am always surprised when I feel it coming across the… Continue reading

Unshakable Identifiers

In May of 2012 a shiny opportunity appeared on the horizon: a new job in Johannesburg with my company. By July the prospect was real and by September I had moved to a… Continue reading

Top 5 Things I Just Officially Learned About Myself

I am in Kigali, Rwanda and I Just Officially Learned some things about myself. By “officially” I mean that I just hit the threshold a repetitious experience such that I now know things about myself that I… Continue reading

The Art of South African Humor as it pertains to Goats

A lovely and funny email was just sent around my office my a young man who grew up in Pretoria. subject: Good story from Kroonstad. body text: These guys should get an award or something!… Continue reading

How to Start a Movement toward Team Bonding

Friday afternoon the good folks here at DAI Johannesburg toasted Sipho, an amazing team member who has worked here for the last seven years leading our Governance practice. I only just met him, but… Continue reading

Top 5 Things my Colleagues Said (thus far)

September 12, Jacques to Zola and Earnest on the drive back from Sasolburg: Jacques: “I’m going to make you a braai of chicken marsala with cream , mushrooms and peas.” Earnest: “That sounds terrible. Tell… Continue reading