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No more drinks. Fuck brunch.

Fuck  “let’s get drinks” text message novels. I’ll be down the block drinking whatever porter or imperial IPA is on draft this week. Find me there if you want.  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/01/19/lets-get-drinks Clearly I’m not the… Continue reading

Iceland Magic Carefolo

We said “where are we” as if we didn’t already know. We said “how” like an expletive with no question. We said “seal it in” and we were talking about a smell but… Continue reading

Held Up

I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop on a weekday, feeling stoned, feeling held up by time and place and commitments that hang across my shoulders like a jacket that is too… Continue reading

November 12, 2013

I don’t want to miss you and it’s giving me the sads. I don’t want to miss you now or in the future.

When Change Attacks: Leaving Johannesburg

About three weeks ago my company made the decision to close the company’s international offices. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and though I initially wanted to stay here as long… Continue reading

I Stopped Talking To You

I stopped talking to you because you loved me. I was wearing a light blue angora sweater, pink chemise showing slightly at the hips, my hair flipped perfectly in the dry winter air… Continue reading

On Returning Home: Top 5

1) The Same But Better. Seeing my friends who look the same but are happier or have a new take-on and honesty about what they want from life. Appreciating the new restaurants and… Continue reading

When Songs Beat You To The Punch

When you sit down to write about a topic and the song you’re listening to, which you’ve never heard before, beats you to the punch. I’ve been using you / for years /… Continue reading

Typing and Feelings – Drunk versus Sober

I just found this Google doc (I’m e-file organizing on a rainy Sunday) which I drunkenly typed on Cinco De Mayo.  I was wastey-face on my porch and waiting to meet friends at the next bar.  I’ve… Continue reading

Unshakable Identifiers

In May of 2012 a shiny opportunity appeared on the horizon: a new job in Johannesburg with my company. By July the prospect was real and by September I had moved to a… Continue reading