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No more drinks. Fuck brunch.

Fuck  “let’s get drinks” text message novels. I’ll be down the block drinking whatever porter or imperial IPA is on draft this week. Find me there if you want.  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/01/19/lets-get-drinks Clearly I’m not the… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Adorable When You Were In Your 20’s

This song of the day – “Get A Job” by Gossip – is dedicated to me. I am 5 months into my personal and professional journey in Johannesburg. The theme of the song… Continue reading

How to Start a Movement toward Team Bonding

Friday afternoon the good folks here at DAI Johannesburg toasted Sipho, an amazing team member who has worked here for the last seven years leading our Governance practice. I only just met him, but… Continue reading

Things That Happened This Year

Before I left my very lovely life in Washington, DC / Maryland, I sat down for drinks with a few very good friends at Boundary Stone to say farewell and to reflect on our accomplishments… Continue reading

Marie Antoinette Makes Me Feel Entitled to Ennui

Sophia Copolla’s “Marie Antoinette” feels like the story of a young woman suffering from ennui during a particularly vigorous night of drinking that doesn’t end up as she envisioned. I grant you that… Continue reading

Top 5 Videos Sent by Friends via email

(1) Proper use of a fork Context: Friend sharing their adult triumph of  eating successfully. Specifically, eating cereal with a fork like a classy ass bitch. I say to my friend:  “WHY are… Continue reading

Funk: A Bad Word and Feeling

I find myself falling into funks lately. A symptom of being in my mid twenties with friends I adore but whom I don’t see as much as I would like on account of… Continue reading