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Parade of Covers: Summer Jams Reimagined and Improved

If you are in Washington, DC it is summer time. People are dripping with sweat, languishing in the heat – calculating how many more bad decisions they can make and blame on humidity induced… Continue reading

Love Badges

On February 9, 2012 I received a Valentine’s Day inspired email from Dimples. Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants.  Two minutes later, a second… Continue reading

What I’ll Do With Music: If I’m Feeling Curatorial

In fits and starts I’ve been working on a few different playlists. It started when I prepared to move to Johannesburg, updating my music library and devices. And then I was reinvigorated –… Continue reading

What I’ll Do With Music: If I Like You

Back in April I read a Thought Catalog post that resonated with me, called Here’s What I’ll Do With Music if I’m in Love with You.  It got me thinking about all the playlists… Continue reading

Things I’ve Said to Men

I am a fan of a blog called Thought Catalog. Dimples turned me into a reader a few months ago after we’d discussed how much and why Washington, DC has grown on me.… Continue reading

Why this? Why now?

I have a new friend. Let’s call her Dimples. She’s really into New Year Resolutions (NYRs). I am not. But on the Friday before New Year’s Eve we shared an intimate dinner at… Continue reading