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The Girl You Mean It With

In my memory everything vaguely ambiguous you said is rife with hidden feeling. I can shade in your words to match my feelings. When you invited me to your house for a whiskey… Continue reading

What is Attraction

This post is going to be about attraction, and about how it is really confusing for me. But first, can we all please just agree with the following statements? Texting with your best… Continue reading

Song of the Day: a crush song for no one and everyone

Sometimes I receive comments on Public Beetle posts and though I appreciate them, I don’t usually check out the poster’s own blog because I don’t know them. This is a mistake. The internet… Continue reading

What I’ll Do With Music: If I Like You

Back in April I read a Thought Catalog post that resonated with me, called¬†Here’s What I’ll Do With Music if I’m in Love with You. ¬†It got me thinking about all the playlists… Continue reading