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Cover Me in Covers

There have been some really spectacular covers in the last few months, and since most of them came out in August, now seems an appropriate time to collect and share them. HAIM, “Strong… Continue reading

Parade of Covers: Summer Jams Reimagined and Improved

If you are in Washington, DC it is summer time. People are dripping with sweat, languishing in the heat – calculating how many more bad decisions they can make and blame on humidity induced… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Quit Draggin’ My Heart Around

Thanks to this NPR All Songs Considered blog post by Stephen Thompson, I learned about the AV Club’s “Undercover” series from 2012 in which bands covered pre-selected songs in a tiny round room.… Continue reading

The Art Of Pay Phones in Songs

I’ve remembered one of my favorite pump up songs, Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone.” For anyone seeking a song that properly captures the days of yore, when public payphones were the voice-to-voice medium… Continue reading