Conversations With Dead People: My life explained to me by Joss Whedon

My friend identifies with the song ‘Wrong’ by Archers of Loaf and has shared it with me on numerous occasions to explain the Feels. It expresses a core and troublesome personal paradox that I suffer from… Continue reading

What is Attraction

This post is going to be about attraction, and about how it is really confusing for me. But first, can we all please just agree with the following statements? Texting with your best… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Quit Draggin’ My Heart Around

Thanks to this NPR All Songs Considered blog post by Stephen Thompson, I learned about the AV Club’s “Undercover” series from 2012 in which bands covered pre-selected songs in a tiny round room.… Continue reading

MSCL Rewatch: “That is Deep” – with Angela Chase

I just completed a series re-watch of My So Called Life (MSCL). I intended to start with Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BtVS) (the DVDs from the box set don’t want to play on… Continue reading

On Returning Home: Top 5

1) The Same But Better. Seeing my friends who look the same but are happier or have a new take-on and honesty about what they want from life. Appreciating the new restaurants and… Continue reading

When You

When you want to sleep someone you shouldn’t, but they feel the same way. When you’re both tired of pretending it’s not there and nothing is happening. When you finally acknowledge it. When it’s… Continue reading

I’m Good At Platonic

“I’m good at platonic. It’s my default sexual setting – after nervous.” Jonathan Ames, Bored To Death Here’s the thing about me: I’m good at being in relationships but really bad at starting… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Touring Musicians Seem Great to Me

1) Dreamer with a Work Ethic. Setting up a tour is hard work and staying on the road grueling  A dreamer the pasion and ability to follow through is sexy. 2) Resilient Nomad. They’re… Continue reading

When Songs Beat You To The Punch

When you sit down to write about a topic and the song you’re listening to, which you’ve never heard before, beats you to the punch. I’ve been using you / for years /… Continue reading

Top 5 Things That Are Happening This Week

FIVE. I am trekking over to Market on Main to pick up my specially ordered shoes from Maria McCloy. I already own two pairs, but I need to pick up my new couple and take them home… Continue reading