Some time in December 2013

Say it if you want to, if you need to, if you need it. Keep it shut if you don’t, or if you might, I don’t want to hear it. The story you’ve told before… Continue reading

Held Up

I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop on a weekday, feeling stoned, feeling held up by time and place and commitments that hang across my shoulders like a jacket that is too… Continue reading

November 12, 2013

I don’t want to miss you and it’s giving me the sads. I don’t want to miss you now or in the future.

Award Winning Fiction for Fiona Apple

BAM! This is what happens when you’re in a great mood, dancing in your kitchen making dinner, catching up on tweets from the day. When you’re in a good mood, you do great… Continue reading

NBD but I’m tweeting with Ben Sollee

I’m back in the US eight months earlier than I expected to be. A portion of the silver lining on this cloud is that I am in town for a slew of amazing… Continue reading

Cover Me in Covers

There have been some really spectacular covers in the last few months, and since most of them came out in August, now seems an appropriate time to collect and share them. HAIM, “Strong… Continue reading

From One Note Taker to Another

Many of us have a finely honed or default mode of note taking and managing life tasks that suit us just fine or even serve as an efficiency-enabling art form. Congratulations to you!… Continue reading

When Change Attacks: Leaving Johannesburg

About three weeks ago my company made the decision to close the company’s international offices. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and though I initially wanted to stay here as long… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! Fall 2013

I haven’t received a 9:30 Club email in a good long while that makes my all my epidermis green with envy!  And what slays me is that when I am home in December… Continue reading

24 Hours in Malawi

Imani guys picked me up in Lilongwe. very nice. main interstate is a one lane road. hilarious. full of tobacco trucks and autos and taxi buses. pedestrians and vendors under tin and straw… Continue reading