Wanted Words

There is no combination of words that will make my guard come down. There is no assurance or desire you can offer me in exchange for divulgence of my wanting. The only desire… Continue reading

Excerpts from some times in April 2014

Worry of what you might say fills my mind. Run your fingers along my back, scratch my spine, linger at my wrist before you admire the curve of my hip with your wrist,… Continue reading

I saw Mies Julie again: a South African Playwright gives DC a window and a mirror

On Sunday I got to see Mies Julie for the second time. How it happened is the interesting story, to me anyway. To relay the telling of it, my roommate Hannah and her… Continue reading

Trouble and Time

All signs point to smitten. All texts point to unrelenting thoughts of each other. I hadn’t smiled like that in years. And so I’m in trouble. Serious, mind consuming, heart twitterpating trouble. The kind… Continue reading

Some time in March 2014

Connecting on every occasion possible, permitted, allowed. These moments strung together like seed beads, plentiful loose in a dish. Precision to string, precious but few when the end of the line is reached. Connecting… Continue reading

Some time in February 2014

What’s a feeling without a beat? What’s a sensation without a sound? Whats a desire to see you without a chance of surfeit? What’s my embrace of your face without a brush of… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! January, February, March 2014

JANUARY ^^ Damien Jurado w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Su 1/26 @ DC Nine 8:30 pm | $12 http://damienjurado.com/ http://www.dcnine.com/event/damien-jurado/   ** Jason Isbell w/Holly Williams Tu 1/28 @ 9:30 Club This is sold out and I’m… Continue reading

December 30, 2013

All of this wanting that fills the air like laughter. Is laughter. There is no embarrassment, disclaimers, shame, or empathy in all this wanting. Parade of ideas stated as desires. For a single… Continue reading

My Cousins Are Geniuses and I Love Them

“We won the right to vote and wear pants, but we lost hysteria,” Jacob says sardonically. It is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but we’ve just celebrated today to accommodate flights. Also because, as… Continue reading

Thankful: I Contributed to Thanksgiving

This year I contributed to Thanksgiving and it felt amazing. I made rugelach, chocolate coconut bars, apple cake, pecan bars. I saved the tables and table cloths with a little ingenuity and packing… Continue reading