Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The author is sick of people constructing long-standing social phenomena as a result of the new media age. People are people. Our shit has always been weird. Sometimes constant connectivity just exacerbates things,… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! Calendar Actioning

I’ve been keeping a music calendar for a two years now. I love going to live music shows. It keeps me invigorated, engaged, content. I am happy to go to shows alone, I… Continue reading

The Art of Not Dating

I have had limited experience with dating. By that I mean the formal kind of dating where someone asks someone else out, intentionally singling out that person for a to be determined period… Continue reading

Things I’ve Said to Men

I am a fan of a blog called Thought Catalog. Dimples turned me into a reader a few months ago after we’d discussed how much and why Washington, DC has grown on me.… Continue reading

Funk: A Bad Word and Feeling

I find myself falling into funks lately. A symptom of being in my mid twenties with friends I adore but whom I don’t see as much as I would like on account of… Continue reading

When Music Attacks! in May

Some highlights for the month of May… Monday May 14 – Here We Go Magic – Black Cat Saw them live two years ago with no context and loved them. Wednesday May 9… Continue reading

Words I Created in Order to Talk About My Life

These days I find myself communicating with my friends mainly via the typed word. The reasons are threefold. (1) Half of my inner circle lives in Canada and we are resource strapped twenty-somethings who… Continue reading

Top 5 Necessary Conditions to Ensuring a Successful Sleepover – Childhood versus Adulthood

No surveys or quasi-experimental methods were used in generating this top five list. All selections and their supporting evidence base are anecdotal and based on the life experiences of this writer.  As always… Continue reading

Why this? Why now?

I have a new friend. Let’s call her Dimples. She’s really into New Year Resolutions (NYRs). I am not. But on the Friday before New Year’s Eve we shared an intimate dinner at… Continue reading

When Music Attacks in 2012!

Hello Friends near and dear and far and dear! How fare thee on this wonderfully warm day in January? A little bit humid, no? My hair thinks yes. As I sit atop a… Continue reading