Venturing into “Sandton City”

Today I woke to the sounds of a child zipping across the courtyard on a scooter, wheels rattling like an uneven laundry cart. This went on for about an hour, which was for… Continue reading

Arriving in Johannesburg

Before you get excited, dear reader, this covers my first 7 hours in Johannesburg and does not contain any description of the country beyond a few helpful people in the airport who work… Continue reading

Things That Happened This Year

Before I left my very lovely life in Washington, DC / Maryland, I sat down for drinks with a few very good friends at Boundary Stone to say farewell and to reflect on our accomplishments… Continue reading

The Art Of Pay Phones in Songs

I’ve remembered one of my favorite pump up songs, Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone.” For anyone seeking a song that properly captures the days of yore, when public payphones were the voice-to-voice medium… Continue reading

Marie Antoinette Makes Me Feel Entitled to Ennui

Sophia Copolla’s “Marie Antoinette” feels like the story of a young woman suffering from ennui during a particularly vigorous night of drinking that doesn’t end up as she envisioned. I grant you that… Continue reading

I Want You To Want Me

We just want to be wanted sincerely. Mundanely sincerely, or profoundly sincerely. Any good story about humankind says this. I have too many insights (read: scar tissue) about love and no way to… Continue reading

The Art Of Life Planning as Music Discovery

It is well documented that I like going to live music shows. This means I spend time researching who is touring, listening to new bands online, and Googling bands I’ve never heard of if they… Continue reading

Out with the Old, In with the… Old

I am currently experiencing unprecedented levels of contentment. I realize this probably has a great deal to do with the fact that soon I will be leaving the United States to go live… Continue reading

Top 5 Videos Sent by Friends via email

(1) Proper use of a fork Context: Friend sharing their adult triumph of  eating successfully. Specifically, eating cereal with a fork like a classy ass bitch. I say to my friend:  “WHY are… Continue reading

The Art of Uncomfortable Art

There are contenting moments in life when the convergence of words, sound, picture and movement come together and bring clarity to a feeling with such precision it makes one’s heart and eyes burst.… Continue reading