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An Overdue Song of the Day: Jason Isbell, “Elephant”

Jason Isbell’s album Southeastern is absolutely a contender for album of the year. I’m in love with more than half the tracks on this album. Notably: Elephant, Cover Me Up, Live Oak, Traveling Alone.… Continue reading

Song of The Day: Lover by Walker Lukens

Thanks NPR All Songs Considered from April 30, always offering up a compilation of musical treats.  Iggy & the Stooges, Jim Guthrie, Tricky, and Walker Lukens do have some gems they’re casting out there… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Quit Draggin’ My Heart Around

Thanks to this NPR All Songs Considered blog post by Stephen Thompson, I learned about the AV Club’s “Undercover” series from 2012 in which bands covered pre-selected songs in a tiny round room.… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Love Songs for Those No Longer Waiting

Today’s song of the day is actually 28 songs. I finally finalized my “Love Songs” playlist on February 13. I’ve been working on this for quite some time and I’m pleased with the end product.… Continue reading

Song of the Day: Adorable When You Were In Your 20’s

This song of the day – “Get A Job” by Gossip – is dedicated to me. I am 5 months into my personal and professional journey in Johannesburg. The theme of the song… Continue reading

Song of the Day: a crush song for no one and everyone

Sometimes I receive comments on Public Beetle posts and though I appreciate them, I don’t usually check out the poster’s own blog because I don’t know them. This is a mistake. The internet… Continue reading

Song of the Day: happy Friday and happy shopping memories

In case you need to take a break before the holiday party and find something both artistically rewarding and entertaining, check this Tiny Desk Concert out. You can ride the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis wave. Oh, and… Continue reading