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My Cousins Are Geniuses and I Love Them

“We won the right to vote and wear pants, but we lost hysteria,” Jacob says sardonically. It is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but we’ve just celebrated today to accommodate flights. Also because, as… Continue reading

Conversations With Dead People: My life explained to me by Joss Whedon

My friend identifies with the song ‘Wrong’ by Archers of Loaf and has shared it with me on numerous occasions to explain the Feels. It expresses a core and troublesome personal paradox that I suffer from… Continue reading

I Just Met Anthony Kiedis

On Friday February 1, 2013 a dream became reality. I met Anthony Kiedis. Johannesburg. Maboneng Precinct. 7:30pm. The Chalkboard on Fox Street. I was there with Zola to see “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”… Continue reading

Albums for Ages with Associations

For months now NPR has been running a weekly survey asking people to vote for albums they love. This is all under the auspicious of “Albums Everyone Can Love?”  The question mark says it all.… Continue reading

Why this? Why now?

I have a new friend. Let’s call her Dimples. She’s really into New Year Resolutions (NYRs). I am not. But on the Friday before New Year’s Eve we shared an intimate dinner at… Continue reading