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No more drinks. Fuck brunch.

Fuck  “let’s get drinks” text message novels. I’ll be down the block drinking whatever porter or imperial IPA is on draft this week. Find me there if you want. Clearly I’m not the… Continue reading

The “Attention Economy” and Black Mirror’s “Fifteen Million Merits”

Even though “Fifteen Million Merits” was my second least favorite episode of Black Mirror due to the poor world building and seemingly misdirected/poorly used investigation of love/connection, I think the genius of the… Continue reading

December 30, 2013

All of this wanting that fills the air like laughter. Is laughter. There is no embarrassment, disclaimers, shame, or empathy in all this wanting. Parade of ideas stated as desires. For a single… Continue reading

My Cousins Are Geniuses and I Love Them

“We won the right to vote and wear pants, but we lost hysteria,” Jacob says sardonically. It is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but we’ve just celebrated today to accommodate flights. Also because, as… Continue reading

November 12, 2013

I don’t want to miss you and it’s giving me the sads. I don’t want to miss you now or in the future.

From One Note Taker to Another

Many of us have a finely honed or default mode of note taking and managing life tasks that suit us just fine or even serve as an efficiency-enabling art form. Congratulations to you!… Continue reading

Happy Five Year Anniversay to me!

Today marks my five year anniversary with my company. I like to meditate on significant milestones with wisdom from Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes. How I felt after the first two… Continue reading

Parade of Covers: Summer Jams Reimagined and Improved

If you are in Washington, DC it is summer time. People are dripping with sweat, languishing in the heat – calculating how many more bad decisions they can make and blame on humidity induced… Continue reading

A New Way for Extractive Companies: Build Community Resilience

Things I design, organize, do and then write about at work. DAI hosted a round table – Building Resilient Communities – with extractive industry executives. All the juicy details (minus atrribution of quotes… Continue reading

Dark and Stormy: The Type, not the Drink

A friend recently told me that someone I was kind-of-sort-of-maybe interested in was “too serious, too much of a dark storm cloud and not fun” for me. I will submit that there is… Continue reading