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On Returning Home: Top 5

1) The Same But Better. Seeing my friends who look the same but are happier or have a new take-on and honesty about what they want from life. Appreciating the new restaurants and… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Touring Musicians Seem Great to Me

1) Dreamer with a Work Ethic. Setting up a tour is hard work and staying on the road grueling  A dreamer the pasion and ability to follow through is sexy. 2) Resilient Nomad. They’re… Continue reading

Top 5 Things That Are Happening This Week

FIVE. I am trekking over to Market on Main to pick up my specially ordered shoes from Maria McCloy. I already own two pairs, but I need to pick up my new couple and take them home… Continue reading

Top 5 DVDs I Should’ve Put on a Wishlist

I watch a lot of TV /movies. I always have. Back in the day when movies were seen in theaters or rented from Blockbuster and TV had to be watched real time or taped… Continue reading

Top 4 Red-Headed Men Of Note

It’s the new year, a time for reflecting on the people and things we love. I love red heads and I’ve been known to love men. So here is my Top 5 Redheaded… Continue reading

Top 5 Musical Musings Friends Shared this fall

I am a lucky lady, having friends who keep me in the know about new songs I should love and new versions of songs I do love. Here are the Top 5 Musical… Continue reading

Top 5 Things I Just Officially Learned About Myself

I am in Kigali, Rwanda and I Just Officially Learned some things about myself. By “officially” I mean that I just hit the threshold a repetitious experience such that I now know things about myself that I… Continue reading

Top 5 Things my Colleagues Said (thus far)

September 12, Jacques to Zola and Earnest on the drive back from Sasolburg: Jacques: “I’m going to make you a braai of chicken marsala with cream , mushrooms and peas.” Earnest: “That sounds terrible. Tell… Continue reading

Top 5 Videos Sent by Friends via email

(1) Proper use of a fork Context: Friend sharing their adult triumph of  eating successfully. Specifically, eating cereal with a fork like a classy ass bitch. I say to my friend:  “WHY are… Continue reading

Top 5 Necessary Conditions to Ensuring a Successful Sleepover – Childhood versus Adulthood

No surveys or quasi-experimental methods were used in generating this top five list. All selections and their supporting evidence base are anecdotal and based on the life experiences of this writer.  As always… Continue reading