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The Art of Reading Like Rory Gilmore

I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. I love fast taking independent women. I love fictional towns like Stars Hallow with crazy annual events each month involving elaborate customs, absurd historical events… Continue reading

The Art Of: Dourness and Sweetness

I am catching up on NPR All Songs Considered recent shows and currently absorbing “Fall Music Preview.” Many songs are stoking my heart cockles, but I am partial to the Ben Gibbard and… Continue reading

The Art of South African Humor as it pertains to Goats

A lovely and funny email was just sent around my office my a young man who grew up in Pretoria. subject: Good story from Kroonstad. body text: These guys should get an award or something!… Continue reading

The Art Of Pay Phones in Songs

I’ve remembered one of my favorite pump up songs, Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone.” For anyone seeking a song that properly captures the days of yore, when public payphones were the voice-to-voice medium… Continue reading

Marie Antoinette Makes Me Feel Entitled to Ennui

Sophia Copolla’s “Marie Antoinette” feels like the story of a young woman suffering from ennui during a particularly vigorous night of drinking that doesn’t end up as she envisioned. I grant you that… Continue reading

The Art Of Life Planning as Music Discovery

It is well documented that I like going to live music shows. This means I spend time researching who is touring, listening to new bands online, and Googling bands I’ve never heard of if they… Continue reading

The Art of Uncomfortable Art

There are contenting moments in life when the convergence of words, sound, picture and movement come together and bring clarity to a feeling with such precision it makes one’s heart and eyes burst.… Continue reading

The Art of Not Dating

I have had limited experience with dating. By that I mean the formal kind of dating where someone asks someone else out, intentionally singling out that person for a to be determined period… Continue reading