When Music Attacks! 04+05 Essentials Edition

Lady Lamb || Th 4/09 @ Rock N Roll Hotel

Doors 7 / Show 8 / $13 / Get tickets here 

I am going to be in Chicago when Lady Lamb (Aly Spaltro) is here in DC. Worry not, I’ll catch her in Montreal. You should go to Rock N Roll Hotel next Thursday to see her. She’s on Ba Da Bing Records, along with Slothrust and Sharon Van Etten.

“Spat Out Spit” was one of the first singles released. The video  is glorious. Her trademark narrative-style is backed by gracefully dark horns and clapped rhythms. I like when she asks questions that are statements.

“Was I born wild? Have I been asleep this whole damn time, dreaming up a life? Will I wake to find that I’m deep in the woods and I’m snarling on all fours?”

“Billions of Eyes” is my favorite song from her new album “After.” This song encapsulates her beautiful observations of mundane joys, her steady confidence and her special blend of folk, pop, and steady riffs.

“My favorite kind of high is when I barely make the train and the people with the seats smile big at me, 

because they know the feeling and for a millisecond we share a look like a family does, 

like we have inside jokes, like we can call each other by little nicknames.”

Purity Ring || F 5/29 @ 9:30 Club

This sold out so they added a second early show. I am going to that with Will. Sadly it sold out again. But if you’re interested, hang around the venue and see if you can scalp.