When Music Attacks! May, June, July 2014


**Conor Oberst with Dawes

Friday 6/23 @ 9:30 Club / $35

I already have tickets as do friends. Join the fun. If you ever loved Bright Eyes then you still love Conor Oberst and his increasingly awesome new musical output. http://www.ticketfly.com/event/495317-conor-oberst-washington/

On a scale of 1 to 10, you should attend at a level 11: Bright Eyes In My Heart

// samples //

Souled Out

At the Bottom of Everything

Shell Games

**Old 97’s with Lydia Loveless

Sa 5/31 @ 9:30 Club / $25

I love this band always and forever. This is my playlist: Old 97’s In My Heart



**Ray Lamontagne with Jason Isbell and with The Belle Brigade

Wednesday 6/04 @ Merriweather Post Pavilion • Columbia, MD

Gates open at 5:30pm and I will be driving with space for at least one more person.



** First Aid Kit

Thursday 7/22 @ 9:30 Club

I almost missed this show on account of dragging my feet about the new album, Stay Gold. I managed to get a ticket through a friend and am super pumped for this show because this Swedish sister duo is extremely talented and sound like dyed in the wool American folk rock singers.
They write some wicked one liners and gush charm from head to toe. I saw them at the Black Cat mainstage a few years ago and then open for Conor Oberst and Dawes. They killed it both times. Watching a leggy, rabbit-haired blond chick head bang at her keyboard to some hard folk jams is pretty memorable.

**Tune Yards with Sylvan Esso 

Friday 6/13 @ 9:30 Club

I’m going to the Friday night show and unfortunately the second night, Saturday, is sold out too but I suggest you hop over to Stub Hub or Craigslist and try to get a ticket. Or just show up the night of and try to scalp one.

The new Tune-Yards album is excellent, IMHO. Give Water Fountain a listen.

I also need to tell you that Sylvan Esso, the opening band, is FANTASTIC.

Sylvan Esso joins singer Amelia Meath (singer in the largely a cappella Vermont folk group Mountain Man) and Nick Sanborn (bass player of NC psych-rock band Megafaun). 

​​This song will win you over: Sylvan Esso – Hey Mami

And this song / video will have you wanting to dance with strangers at the show: Play It Right


**Sharon Van Etten with Jana Hunter (of Lower Dens)

Tuesday 6/17 @ 9:30 Club

I am going to this show. I don’t know if it will sell out but there’s a good chance it could, so buy your ticket online or at the box office.  She’s now playing full time with a backing band of her long time contributors and collaborators, Darren JesseeHeather Woods Broderick, Doug Keith, and Bradley Cook.

I love Sharon Van Etten so much and feel that her greatness is so obvious upon listening that I don’t know what words I can offer you other this pitchfork article and these words of my own: personal lyrics that paint a picture you’ve lived; multi-part harmonies; sexy, intelligent, enigmatic, accessible, dark; and musicians who are happily and comfortably playing with each other.

Here is my playlist: Sharon Van Etten In My Heart

Charming as HELL. Seriously. Every Time The Sun Comes Up

Hands cover her intensely staring face in during a tarot card reading in the video for lead single, Taking Chances, off the new album “Are We There.”

Performs I Love You But I’m Lost in her apartment for the New Yorker.

This live performance from early 2013 (when her hair was uncharacteristically long) is of two of my favorite songs — “Give Out” and “Kevin” — off her 2012 album “Tramp.”

Mind blowingly awesome cover of Quit Draggin’ My Heart Around with her buddy band Shearwater.

Jolie Holland with Shy Hunters

Sunday 6/22 @ Rock N Roll Hotel / $14

I’m running out of steam, so here is media. You know you want to watch an NPR Tiny Desk.


Neko Case with Laura Veirs

Tuesday 7/01 @ 9:30 Rams Head Live! (Baltimore) 

Neko Case is a uniquely talented music maker and I don’t know what to say about her other than: you should be a fan and you should go to this show.

Seriously, she’s a smart and sassy lady: Song Premiere These Aren’t The Droids in which Neko Case and Kelly Hogan offer their take on male-dominated Sci-Fi visions.

She played NPR’s Tiny Desk on Halloween so you can get a peak of the live action you’d be in for. Yes, that is Eric Bachmann (Archers of Loaf, Crooked Fingers) and Kelly Hogan.

I saw her on Halloween at The Lincoln Theater (second time seeing her life) and she killed it so hard, dressed as Adam Ant circa 1983.

Neko Case Halloween

Glass Animals Case with with Tei Shi and Vedas

Tuesday 7/08 @ U Street Music Hall  / $15

Things are about to get sexy. And weird. Gooey” is my jam.  I hope you’re in a private place so you can experience your Feels.  Tickets on sale here.

Also: claymation for “Pools.”


Antlers with Mr Twin Sisters

Friday 7/25 @ 9:30 Club / $20


NPR’s Stephen Thompson

Burst Apart, from 2011, did its job surprisingly effectively, maintaining the swelling melancholy while letting its subject matter sprawl out beyond grief. Familiars is even better: Each of its deliberately paced songs sprawls to between five and eight minutes, and each takes a thoughtful journey in the process. Ever more sure-handed and ambitious in its arrangements, the band crafts gorgeous backdrops for Silberman, whose soaring falsetto periodically brings to mind Jeff Buckley.

“Palace” – The Antlers – “Palace”


“I Don’t Want Love” was my anthem when the second album “Burst Apart” came out