Thankful: I Contributed to Thanksgiving

This year I contributed to Thanksgiving and it felt amazing. I made rugelach, chocolate coconut bars, apple cake, pecan bars. I saved the tables and table cloths with a little ingenuity and packing tape. I made the oven schedule. I diced five pounds of cheese because the grater-piece for the food processor is missing. Good news, I then found the piece to the food processor.

I read all the expiration dates on the baked good boxes and cans. Young eyes for the win. I went through the condiment shelves in the refrigerator. I organized the ceramic serving pieces drawer by size, color and theme. I transcribed and took down dictation of the entire Thanksgiving menu.

I realize this doesn’t sound like much. Or like minutia that doesn’t add up to “Thanksgiving Dinner,” but my mother doesn’t delegate; she doesn’t stop to explain recipes or food preparation; she doesn’t have time for aesthetic details; she has flours, potato starch, mustards, dressings, obscure Korean cooking ingredients and panko crumbs that expired in 2007.  So it was enough to count. And it felt good to contribute to yet another successful Thanksgiving, especially after having been out of the country last year.