NBD but I’m tweeting with Ben Sollee

I’m back in the US eight months earlier than I expected to be. A portion of the silver lining on this cloud is that I am in town for a slew of amazing fall shows. Among the ones I’m most excited for: Ben Sollee at the Rock N Roll Hotel. 

Immediately after the show (on the walk to my car) I tweeted about something amazing that happened during the encore. Ben Sollee sang to me.

Then something else totally awesome happened. HE TWEETED ME BACK with the most beautious of thanks. So obviously I tweeted him back to thank him for very special show.

Since my gratitude included a reference to a Radiolab podcast he mentioned during the show, he replied again! This tipped me over the brink of excitement into delirium.

Thankfully I had the good sense to leave it at that.

Here’s the Radiolab podcast in question >> http://www.radiolab.org/story/257870-ears-dont-lie/

Speed of sound: Hearing is our fastest sense. (Who knew?!) Horowitz says that it takes our brain at least one-quarter of a second to process visual recognition. But sound? You can recognize a sound in 0.05 seconds. And our brain is so adept at hearing the differences between sounds, we can sense changes of sound that occur in “less than a millionth of a second,” according to Horowitz’s book. Why this need for auditory speed? It’s our evolutionarily-shaped emergency response system. It let our ancestors hear a twig snap in the woods at night, when all was supposed to be quiet and they couldn’t see. Yet, for most of us, we’re wired to tune out non-essential sound, so the world doesn’t feel like a sensory overload.

Obviously I emailed my friends who were at the show with me to share my unbridled and unparalleled excitement.

I’m just exchanging tweets with my new best bud, Ben Sollee. No big deal. Except for OMG as if I wasn’t already swooning. This was the best possible first show back to DC experience. Also, this is why Twitter is the superior communication tool.   Tyler! I wish you’d been there for the encore. Laura, please try to contain your jealously that a) you were standing to the left and b) that you don’t tweet.  Okay, bragging over. Now commence being impressed with your dear friend Rebecca.