Parade of Covers: Summer Jams Reimagined and Improved

If you are in Washington, DC it is summer time. People are dripping with sweat, languishing in the heat – calculating how many more bad decisions they can make and blame on humidity induced insanity – and finalizing their summer jams playlists*.  But for me, while the sun is out here in chilly Johannesburg, so are the goosebumps. The benefit of my equatorial position is that I get to watch the early summer jams be reimagined and improved as artists jockey for rank and notoriety before August sets in. By the time October arrives I will have the BEST summer jams playlist queued up for long drives and dance parties. Here are some of my favorite covers and remixes, released in the last few weeks. (Please forgive me, but I cannot get these damn embed codes to work. You’ll have to link it up.)

*I dedicate this post to Dimples – for she is master of the summer jam nominations and she recently expressed displeasure at my lack of posting on the Beetle.

Vampire Weekend covers Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and while it stays true to the original, I prefer it’s vocal quirks and personality.

Dan Deacon slows down “We Can’t Stop,” the controversial summer jam juggernaut from  Miley CyrusI was hoping someone would tidy up this t00-many-things-at-once track. Thus enter Baltimore’s Dan Deacon. Now I really can’t stop. The only other notable cover / remix in the bunch comes from whisperkid, but this slow-jam cover isn’t going to make it onto a playlist until the mid winter sad’s come out to play with your increasingly heavy body and low spirit. But when it does, WATCH OUT!

SBTRKT’s remix of g.l.b. (Girls Love Beyoncé) – not much to say other than I am enjoying this greatly.

Okay fine, this isn’t a summer jam exactly, but I am SUPER into “Falling” by Haim and I love this delicate vocal meets dance beat cover by Chvrches

And while we’re on the topic, here is a rudely overlooked summer jam: Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” was released for mass consumption in November 2012. Maybe I should have put it on my South Africa Summer Jams 2012 and been ahead of the curve (and time / season zones).