An Overdue Song of the Day: Jason Isbell, “Elephant”

Jason Isbell’s album Southeastern is absolutely a contender for album of the year. I’m in love with more than half the tracks on this album. Notably: Elephant, Cover Me Up, Live Oak, Traveling Alone. I’ve never listened to the Drive By Truckers before so I am unfamiliar with his part in the band’s body of work. Though I don’t feel the resonance of the comeback / love story behind this album as a long-time fan can, or as someone who has themself overcome addiction, I can appreciate and be grateful for the triumph.
Elephant makes me feel. BIG feelings. Like, “I want to fall in love,” feelings. Like, “I would be willing to feel this sorrow,” feelings. Is there something I do in a way that nobody does anymore? I hope so.
If I’d fucked her before she got sick,
I’d never hear the end of it.
She don’t have the spirit for that now.