On Returning Home: Top 5

1) The Same But Better. Seeing my friends who look the same but are happier or have a new take-on and honesty about what they want from life. Appreciating the new restaurants and expanded bars on 11th Street. Digging hard on the new coffee shop at 12th and S Streets and their killer cappuccino and beautiful ceilings and walls.  

2) The Same But Not Great. Appreciating that 14th Street has more restaurants and apartments, but that it’s impossible to get a picnic table at The Standard. Learning that I’m kind of over U Street. Seeing that people in my new office are happier than in my old office.

3) Quality, Not Quantity. Being reminded that having go-to people is what makes a place home. There is a major difference between the people you call when you want to make a plan and the people you text when you have a plan. Everyone else is important and valued, but are not instrumental or essential to perpetuating my desire to continue existing.

4) Getting What You Want. Having someone want you in exactly the way you desire but backing away because essential things can’t be tweaked. Realizing the job you are doing is the job everyone else wants. Realizing you are happy to go back to your new home, even if it means leaving your old one.

5) Want and Need Match Up. Finding that moving to a new country on a different continent teaches you a bunch of shit, like: what you’re like when no one is watching, how you like to spend your time when you’re the person calling the shots, what you’re willing to do to make new friends, that maybe you prefer having some physical distance between you and your family, that you can live anywhere and be okay (maybe even great).