When Songs Beat You To The Punch

When you sit down to write about a topic and the song you’re listening to, which you’ve never heard before, beats you to the punch.

I’ve been using you / for years / even as you disappeared from my mind / my favourite gold / my pride / I stumble til I’m lost / and you are not what / and you are not too / you’re everything that I thought / and I need something new / and I’m so tired of you

Yellow Ostrich, Ghost, from the album Ghost

My version went something like this.

I’m so tired of you / but I’ve got no one else to talk to / I’m so tired of you /  when you’re not in my life / when you’re not on my mind / I’m so tired of you /  when I can’t remember the colour of your hair / how your shoulders sway with your walk / ahead of me on the stroll / I’m so tired of you / but I’ve got no one else to hold on to /I’m so tired of you / even when I want to see you / I recall the kiss I can’t remember / did it happen / in a room of friends / on a night we barely spoke / I’m so tired of you / be real in life / in front of me / when we meet / I will take your hand away / to the floor and dance /lights turn up as we sigh / I’ll walk home / with you for now / I’m so tired