Top 5 Reasons Touring Musicians Seem Great to Me

1) Dreamer with a Work Ethic. Setting up a tour is hard work and staying on the road grueling  A dreamer the pasion and ability to follow through is sexy.

2) Resilient Nomad. They’re always on the move, living out of luggage. Something about a person who can exist in a state of constant movement is someone I assume is flexible, adaptive, plucky and free. I’m at a phase in my life where being tied to a place or person is unappealing, so someone courting an un-tethered life just seems right.

3) Always Giving. Live shows require musicians to give something of themselves, physically and emotionally. Playing variations of the same set list, night after night while striving to keep things interesting for yourself and the audience says you’re a giver.

4) Your Shelter from the Storm. I would love to give shelter from the storm of tour vans and hotel rooms, to provide a warm place with fresh sheets and blankets for a night. Let’s barter in goods, a thrilling show for a trip inside this city. We’ll go to the speakeasy around the corner and I’ll treat you to the best chili dog you’ve ever had when the night ends. I’ll make you coffee and buy you a breakfast burrito from the shop down the corner when you wake up.

5) A familiar stranger. You’ve been vetted by the people in your songs, you’ve loved and been loved, there are people in the world, specifically your band mates, who can stand you for days on end. All that doesn’t really matter though, we can be whatever version of ourselves work best for this moment.