Top 5 Things That Are Happening This Week

FIVE. I am trekking over to Market on Main to pick up my specially ordered shoes from Maria McCloy. I already own two pairs, but I need to pick up my new couple and take them home to join their friends. 

FOUR. Gossip just released the video for “Get A Job.” It’s already been established that I’m super into this song. I would buy that mini cooper, I would go to Flossy Molars, I would take my cat to Muriel at Paws for Thought. 


THREE. I am finally getting some Joburg art into my system. On Saturday I will be making a three-stop tour. I think it is worth noting that two of the exhibits are in or sponsored by banks. Apparently this is totally normal [in this city]. We’ll start the day in Rosebank at Circa for an exhibit titled…. WAIT FOR IT……. waaaaaiit for it…. are you ready?  I Collect Gingers. [#brainexplodes]. Then downtown to Joburg CBD’s financial district for an exhibit in Standard Bank titled “Making Way: Contemporary Art from South Africa and China.” Intriguing, right? Eventually we’ll meander from CBD to Braamfontein to Constitution Hill where we’ll consider two sides of Gauteng. “Free Lens – The look of Jo’Burg” examines the fashion of the streets of the metropolis, while “From Marikana Hill to Constitution Hill,” is Professor Pitika Ntuli‘s reflection on the “violation of the democratic values of engagement and debate symbolised by the Marikana massacres.”

TWO. Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich (long time Radiohead producer), Flea (bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker have come together to form super band Atoms for Peace and just released a full album titled “Amok.”  HTTP://AMOK.ATOMSFORPEACE.INFO/. I am exploding joy. I. LOVE. FLEA. And Thom Yorke. Check out their interview with NPR.

ONE. I finally bought a car! I am now the proud owner of a used, 2006 Hyundai Atos GLS 1.1. It is a tiny, zippy car with a lot of personality. We are just starting to bond. I’m considering two names, one for a girl and one for a boy. My cars have always been female, but maybe my Atos is in fact a dude. Only time will tell. 

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