Typing and Feelings – Drunk versus Sober

I just found this Google doc (I’m e-file organizing on a rainy Sunday) which I drunkenly typed on Cinco De Mayo.  I was wastey-face on my porch and waiting to meet friends at the next bar.  I’ve been thinking about friendships and relationships lately and because this is something I still feel now – sober and nine months later – it seems worth posting since I was so committed to this feeling that I typed it with my thumbs. I’ve not edited anything except the names. 

So I’m drunk on Cinco de Mayo… who am I thinking of

Eleanor Friedberger and Hall and Oates.


Because my mistakes and you make my dreams come true are the best two juxtaposed songs in the history of ever. EVER. Why? Who knows. I can barely type. these sticky keys are fucking my shit up. But the reality is that I have some friends who represent my mistakes. Of love I have not expressed. Of love I express but with weird style r frequwen y. case lets be erious. there are many friends likd [md] who I love so deeply and trul;y that iot mnakes my heart heurtt, and thethen there are other friends ;o9le [unnamed] who represent roads i havent no woralked odnw. and then there are firneds liek [unnamed] hwo represent  epople who have deweply intrugied me but i’ve neeverhtough tot o gop further and thin mmore befecauseth reaity these are people who though while we adore them are not people who we can help oir when hel- us.