Song of the Day: Adorable When You Were In Your 20’s

This song of the day – “Get A Job” by Gossip – is dedicated to me. I am 5 months into my personal and professional journey in Johannesburg. The theme of the song and a few specific lines resonate with me on two fronts.

Personal LifeMy social life is much more tame here than it than in DC. I am stripped of my familiar friends, bars and dance nights. Having squandered my early 20’s on a serious relationship with a shut-in I’ve been using my mid twenties to drink and dance like there’s nobody watching and to make questionable decisions whenever possible. So imagine my frustration at not being able to continue this behavior here in Jozi. It’s not that the raw materials are unavailable, they can be located  any  Saturday night in the CBD – it’s just less fun with strangers in strange places. There is a time piece ticking away the number of days and nights I have left to do things that won’t be so cute when I’m pushing 30. I don’t care about getting older, but I care about what I can and cannot get away with as I age.  

“It was adorable when you were in your 20’s, not so cute anymore now that you’re pushing 30.”

Professional Life. I made this big move to Johannesburg for work. I was offered a fantastic opportunity and I hurled myself across the globe to catch it. Every day is supposed to be about making the most of my job (i.e. learning and doing completely new things and not just proposal writing) and working with my team (we have lofty goals). When I eventually go back to the states in some yet-to-be-determined-position in HQ, it must be doing more interesting, challenging things. So I really gotta go to work.

“I’d love to stay and party but I gotta go to work.”