Top 5 DVDs I Should’ve Put on a Wishlist

I watch a lot of TV /movies. I always have. Back in the day when movies were seen in theaters or rented from Blockbuster and TV had to be watched real time or taped with a VCR, I was committed. I taped every episode of Angel back when it first aired in 1999 and I hadn’t yet convinced my parent’s to let me stay up past 9:30pm. If I was going to miss an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I had my friend Michelle record the episode (my VCR was unreliable and I needed a redundancy system). Then came with it’s brand recognition, reliable shipping and discount prices. I should have struck in the early 2000’s when the time for DVDs was right, before Netflix (Instant) / Hulu (Plus) / HBO Go / Xfinity online / network TV websites streaming / DVR made such a physical collection weighty, superfluous and a poor investment of money.

There are DVDs I don’t own but wish I did. I should have put them on my [insert holiday / occasion] wishlist when I was young and family members asked my parent’s what I wanted and pooled their gift resources.

  1. Pedro Almodovar Collection
  2. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (+ Shortbus)
  3. Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series
  4. Six Feet Under – The Complete Series Gift Set
  5. Battlestar Gallactica – seasons 1-3, before the unwatchable-must-watch terrible last season(s) could sully a “complete series” set


If I had these DVDs in the flesh (plastic? silicon? aluminum?) I could run a meaningful “re-watch” — in a new country / era / perspective. Here in Johannesburg, internet is slow and paid for by the gigabyte, so even if I had given in and purchased a dongle and data for internet at home, I would / could not stream.  So until I can figure out how to access films and TV series both entertaining and personally significant, I’ll settle for the DsTV premium channels (equivalent to: Comcast  or Dish TV with HBO and Showtime) with PVR (equivalent to:DVR) included in my housing/rent.  And books, because I want my brain to get bigger.