Great Expectations for a Clean Slate

At some point in your life you will long for a clean slate – an event or change in conditions in your life that enables you to start fresh with no obligations or circumstances holding you back. You ended a mediocre or destructive relationship. You moved to a new city. It’s a new year. You quit a job you hate. You got a new job you love. You met someone who makes you see your life anew. You bought property. You are liberated from all circumstances and conditions that have been holding you back. You will have great expectations for a clean slate. You are going to tell yourself that things are going to change.

  1. I will have a new adventure at least once a month.
  2. I will make fantastic new friends who I will keep for the rest of my life time.
  3. I will eat better and take care of my body.
  4. I will stop [secret bad habit].
  5. I will stop [obvious bad habit].
  6. I will walk around my house naked whenever I feel like it.
  7. I will have a great love/lust.
  8. I will spend less money and use the savings to travel to [place I’ve always wanted to go].
  9. I will become a more interesting person by virtue of this new perspective / location.
  10. I will watch less TV and read more.
  11. I will stay in touch with my friends/families who are far away.
  12. I will stop talking to/hanging out with friends I don’t like.
  13. I will realize is important to me.
  14. I will buy/keep less shit.
  15. I will treat myself.
  16. I will make this count.

You will fail to make half these things happen because no matter where you are you are still yourself. You will make lots of these things happen because no matter what you do or do not do you will find a way to be satisfied.