Top 4 Red-Headed Men Of Note

It’s the new year, a time for reflecting on the people and things we love. I love red heads and I’ve been known to love men. So here is my Top 5 Redheaded Men Of Note.


Pat Grossi (aka Active Child). Pat Grossi records beautiful songs as Active Child. His voice sails and pierces. If I were a piece of paper floating on the air I’d be torn to glorious bits. I love the seriousness of his songs, the lightness of his harp, and the deft smoothness with which he explores topics of love, disillusionment. See also: Hanging On, Playing HouseIncidentally, I think he shares many ginger features with Damian Lewis.

Damian Lewis.  My heart feels funny when I think about Damian Lewis. I loved him as Major Richard Winters on Band of Brothers and I love him as crazy-pants-but-competent Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody. Platonic. Ideal. Of. Redhead. The more time I spend with Homeland the more uncomfortable Brody/Lewis makes me, so I have started to think of him again as Winters, and all sits right with the world.

  • GQ Style Profiles; Photo by Ben Watts
    GQ Style Profiles; Photo by Ben Watts

Jim James (of My Morning Jacket). There may be some controversy over this pick, but a redhead can be a non-ginger – auburn hair counts. With this in mind, Jim James has auburn hair and grows a red beard. He is burly, fair faced and wildly talented. My Morning Jacket (MMJ) should have received a call out in Albums for Ages With Associations, for It Still Moves, which my Uni friend Byron introduced me to in 2004. I fell softly in 2004 and then hard in 2011 when MMJ went on tour with Neko Case to promote Circuital (attack of the redheads!). I’m including a link for Outta My System, even though it is animated and thusly does not attest to his redheadedness, because I love this song so hard and because it features animated Zach Gallifinakis who is next on the list.

Zach Galifinakis. I love his beard, belly and vulnerability. He makes me laugh just by looking into the camera a certain way. It’s those eyebrows and the way they turn up at the end. I prefer his standup – piano monologues and “the guy who…” characters – to most of his movies. I’d like to see him play self-effacing or cutting-wit characters, rather than the obvious moron foil (The Hangover and Due Date), or more characters like Ray on Bored To Death, in which his open-heart and bodily-function humor plays in proper balance. But regardless of what his does on the silver screen, I love him for always and if he ever goes back on the market in search of wife number 2, I am available.