‘Tis The Season To Buy Shit

Today is my birthday. Naturally, I am thinking about gifts: receiving, giving, making, hording.  Around these parts, holiday markets are popping up all over the place and shops are extending their hours past 5pm. Hallelujah. And so, as I think of all the pretty things I’ve wanted to buy at Neighborgoods Market, Arts on Main, charming shops around Parktown, and so on, I am composing a list of people whom I buy things for in an effort to 1) be generous and 2) satisfy my urge to buy shit.

Most of my loved ones already have gifts wrapped up and ready to distribution once my parent’s make their way from Jozi back to Maryland on the cusp of the New Year. But a select few confounded my shopping excursions in Kigali and Jozi.

These are the places I will be going this week to shop until my Wallet whimpers for mercy and my Gift-List shouts in support, “Everyone is accounted for! For the love of commerce, you have a trip to Cape Town and Stellenbosch coming up!”

Thursday, I hope to twist Melanie or Zola’s arm into joining me after work in Braamfontein at 70 Juta for Festive Thurdsay

Sunday, after I return to Arts on Main to pick up the pumps I ordered this past weekend (happy birthday to me), I shall be checking out Collective in Marlboro.

Anyone not accounted for after these trips will likely be receiving wine, olives, olive oil, or other spreads and spice blends from the winelands of South Africa.

You’re welcome.