Top 5 Musical Musings Friends Shared this fall

I am a lucky lady, having friends who keep me in the know about new songs I should love and new versions of songs I do love. Here are the Top 5 Musical Musings Friends Shared this fall. Or I guess summer, since I am in Joburg where summertime is just starting.

Crooked Fingers performing “Your Control” in Tokyo on October 6.  This song requires more listening by your’s truly. In fact, I need to re-immerse myself in Crooked Fingers.

The National and St. Vincent performing “Sleep All Summer” (Crooked Fingers Cover). I know many people who love The National. I do not love them… at least not yet. I do, however, love St. Vincent. Their voices pair wonderfully. I love the airy sweetness in her voice that at times persuades, at times grounds the quirkiness of songs like “Love This Giant” and at times mitigates lyrical accusations in songs like “Cheerleader.” What a lovely pairing. I am keen to see Annie Clark collaborate even more.

The Beatles recording “What Is Life.” I was having a particularly weird day/night in Kigali at an Economic Development Conference. It was so weird that I felt the need to post on Facebook, 1:11am “WHAT IS MY LIFE.” Seeing as how I am not a Beatles fan – which is not to say I dislike them, only that I don’t know most of their song catalogue – I did not see the connection. Thankfully a friend did.

David Bryne and St. Vincent performing “Who” on the Colbert Report. Stephen asked a fantastic question about whether artists are alienated from others because they are or try to be extraordinary.  Annie couldn’t really answer the question but David was all charm. This performance was great. I fucking love horns.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz, official video for “Thrift Store.”  It is best to quote my friend who sent it to me.

The second musical masterpiece I offer you is somewhat ridiculous. Actually, it’s entirely ridiculous. and that’s (part of) what I love about it. It’s a song about shopping at a thrift store. And I basically spent my entire weekend in Minneapolis rocking out to it.