The Art Of: Dourness and Sweetness

I am catching up on NPR All Songs Considered recent shows and currently absorbing “Fall Music Preview.” Many songs are stoking my heart cockles, but I am partial to the Ben Gibbard and Aimee Mann collaboration, song titled “Bigger Than Love.”

I adore Ben Gibbard’s voice, but I overdid it on Death Cab For Cutie when I was 19, so sometimes he’s a bit too sweet for my ears. But I never tire of Aimee Mann and I’ve not listened to my fair lady in quite some time. So this song is like an afternoon toke on a park bench with your best friend.

“Her dourness and his sweetness go together in a really wonderful way. I would listen to a whole record of Ben Gibbard and Aimee Mann singing together.”

It also struck me that this is what I love about the current Crooked Fingers pairing of Eric Bachmann and Liz Durrett on “Breaks in the Armor.”  His dourness, her sweetness.