Things I Want to Join: The Wolves Scrabble League

Last weekend I was looking for an coffee shop with free or cheap internet. I had not yet found Comida la Vida, my neighborhood coffee shop in which I currently sit, and I was so OVER the soulless vida e caffè. Their coffee is mediocre, the shops feel like european McDonalds, the patrons are not ogling  and no one sits outside with their adorable dogs.

My search for internet is how I found Wolves Cafe, a small coffee shop/bakery/bar/music venue at 4 Corlett Drive in Illovo.

Wolves Cafe on Corlett

I did not end up checking out Wolves for it’s internet, but I did find my new extracurricular social activity in Jozi – The Wolves Scrabble League. Apparently the season ended at the start of November, but when it resumes in March I will be signing up.  Now all I have to do is buy the game and the official dictionary and convince Zola and Melanie that it is not the nerdiest game ever and that instead of mocking it and me, we should play while drinking cheap, delicious wine.

Wolves Scrabble League Champions 2012