What I’ll Do With Music: If I’m Feeling Curatorial

In fits and starts I’ve been working on a few different playlists. It started when I prepared to move to Johannesburg, updating my music library and devices. And then I was reinvigorated – probably a result of my reflections for Albums for Ages with Associations. I am inspired again because I upgraded to Spotify Premium and got a colleague hooked (he’s being sneaky, having asked a friend to setup an account for him through an Australian IP).  What has been the result? REALLY GREAT PLAYLISTS.

When She Was Music. Inspired by the aforementioned post on formative albums and songs. Named derives from my favorite Joe Sorren Painting, When She Was Camera.

Dimples. Created for my dear friend Dimples. A blend of our summer songs from West Virginia and others.

Dosing Jozi. The playlist I created as a “best of” sampling for Jozi.