Top 5 Things I Just Officially Learned About Myself

I am in Kigali, Rwanda and I Just Officially Learned some things about myself. By “officially” I mean that I just hit the threshold a repetitious experience such that I now know things about myself that I only previously knew intellectually but could not translate into practice. For the sake of not embarrassing myself horrendously through confessional details, I am giving the “officially learned” without the specific circumstances that precipitated the learning.

Below are the Top 5.

  1. I am a serious person. Serious, in this instance, is defined as interpreting and/or internalizing things in such a way that they take on the most significance possible. This usually turns everything into a decision first and then an action rather than the other way around.
  2. I am a curious person who prefers to ask questions in a small group.
  3. I am prone to talk when I should [insert verb here]: gaze, stare, smile, frown, laugh, walk away, walk toward, etc.
  4. I am most comfortable around decisive people as it allows me the freedom of knowing what the other person wants. As a mentally decisive but outwardly timid person, indecision and hesitation in another person complicates my life significantly.
  5. When conflicted about the soundness of a decision and/or conflicted about how a scenario is going to play out, I must consult my wise counsel.