Joss Whedon on Romney and Zombies

I am thankful to be spending the run up to the US Presidential elections in Johannesburg, South Africa. Far away from all the US news stations, the  chatter on the DC metro trains, the awkward conversations at work where you realize someone you thought you connected with on deep, intellectual levels is voting the other way, the political Halloween costumes and the general sense that “This. Is never. Going. To end.”

There is one good thing that has come out of the frenzy, and it was created by everyone’s favorite writer, director and human – Joss Whedon. So give this video a watch, and be thankful that people like Joss are in the world and know how to disseminate intelligent and entertaining political commentary.

“No one knows for sure if they’ll be the super fast 28 Days Later zombies or the old school shambling kind. But they’ll be out there. And they’ll need brains.” – Joss Whedon