Poking around Parkview

On Sunday I drove over to Parkview to sign the lease for the new home where I will living in less than a week! If you want to be really jealous, check out my handy picture diagram below.  The homeowner’s name is Suze. My impression of her so far: intelligent, sensitive, conscientious, shy but warm.  She is a fashion designer who seems to be retired (I think mostly due to a recent health condition) and has wonderful taste in furnishings. Suze has a Jack Russell Terrier named Gina. We play fetch with her tennis ball.  Suze has owned her home for 20+ years and has clearly cared for it and invested in it during that time.

The outside spaces between the main house and cottage house are full of trees, flowering bushes, flowers. It is fragrant in the best way and the air quality is better thanks to all the plants. There is a small square pool outside the cottage house that I can use. There is a large deck off the main house with a large work table and lounge area. Suze has said I can use this tool.  There is a second Garden area between the garages that has a pond and grass-level wood deck that will be perfect for outdoor yoga or reading.  It’s basically a little slice of heaven. The only downside are the large windows which face into the more exposed shared spaces. But the small vertical windows face into gardens and offer a lot of sunlight.

After signing the lease I took a drive toward Zoo Lake Park, only cased the joint and rolled down the windows to enjoy the smell of the braais. Then over to “The Village” on Tyrone Avenue to buy a fancy pen, search for a plain paged notebook (no dice), again to a used bookstore that was disappointingly low in stock, then to a Fruiterie for tomatoes, snap peas and corn. Then to Gingko for a quiet lunch with my book. Let’s pause for a moment to note the amazingly delicious smoothie I consumed. This could become a weekly event.

Then onward to green spaces! The Emmarentia Dam and the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. Both are beautiful! There is nothing better than being near water. The great news is that the cottage is about five minutes from:

Zoo Lake Park – a gigantic green space full of water features, dog parks, soccer fields, grilling areas, big open green space not designated for anything in particular
Botanical Gardens – very large, more like an arboretum, lots of families and picnics
Emmarentia Dam – for relaxing and canoes and kayaks, lines one side of the Botanical Gardens
Parkview Golf Course – I hear it is a lovely and people walk around the grounds, and while I believe that based on the view from the road, I am anti-golf so likely won’t frequent this spot. (Note, it is wildly unpopular to be anti-golf. Johannesburg has MANY golf courses).

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