Top 5 Things my Colleagues Said (thus far)

September 12, Jacques to Zola and Earnest on the drive back from Sasolburg:

Jacques: “I’m going to make you a braai of chicken marsala with cream , mushrooms and peas.”

Earnest“That sounds terrible. Tell Claudia.”

Jacques: “Claudia, what do you think of a braai of chicken marsala with cream , mushrooms and peas?”

Claudia: “yoooosh, that sounds terrible!” 

September 18, Zola to me about the weather and her shoes:

“I just want to kick off my shoes! I am so ready for sandals. Closed toe shoes are not for the people.”

September 19, Jacques and Cleo during discussion about  whether the windows should be open or closed (there are 15 of us sitting at rows of desks in a completely open floor plan:

Jacques: “Fresh air is good for your soul.”

Cleo: “We already have fresh air in our souls.” 

October 24, 2012, Melanie had been looking for Jacques and Earnest for reasons unknown. Upon their return to the office…

Me: “Mel was looking for you”

Jacques: “What did she want?”

Me: “I’m not sure, but she didn’t look pissed or anything.”

Jacques: “I’m not scared of Mel.”

Zola: “I don’t know, she can be kind of scary when she’s working on a proposal.”

Jacques: “Yah, that music from Kill Bill – with the eyes – should play.”

October 26, 2012, at 7:35am on Friday morning, the soft spoken Earnest greeted me with a big smile…

Earnest: “Rebecca, that dried mango was the perfect Friday morning treat. My mind was blasted.”