Birds and Sunsets in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has BIRDS. Birds are a part of my day, every day. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. They wake me up in the morning. They “ha! haha! HA!” all day long. The “haha-bird” as Jacques calls it, is properly called a Hadaba Ibis. It actually sounds A LOT like this: 
The Haha Bird walks around the grassy medians on the roads, which is where I encountered a group of them my second morning in Johannesburg, walking down Rivonia Road.  They hang out near water.  I hear or see the Haha Bird every day now since they like the mini lake outside our office. No really, check it out. Our office complex shares land with a Game Park. We have Springbok!
And the entire complex is covered in Birds Of Paradise bushes. I walked past four clusters of them in the 20 yards from my car to the doors of the office today.  And just
this morning – more birds! A soothing symphony of pigeons on the roof at 7:30am. Yes, pigeons and soothing in the same sentence. A symphony of “coo…coo…coo” that sounded more like slow purring cats than birds.
Sagay, the COO of ECIAfrica, tells me that people actually eat them as they are considered good waterfowl.  Though now that I think about it, he said this just before reviving a rumor across the entire office that there is a baby Rhino on the business park grounds as part of a Sanctuary plot setup by a local veterinarian (his story turned out to be a half lie insofar as this was a legit proposal from said local veterinarian but was voted down).
So my two favorite that I’ve been able to identify so far:
AND THE SUNSETS!   The sunsets in Johannesburg are a different kind of thing altogether. RED. RED RED RED. Then pomegranate! Then blood orange! And it’s even. It spreads across the sky so evenly. I think that is the difference perhaps. It’s not like those sand bottles you make when you’re a kid. Stripes of blended colors. It’s like a mood ring sunset. It just turns from one color to the next in turn. It’s gorgeous.